Month: November 2015

The abuse of people with disability is a national shame that we’re ignoring | Rachel Siewert | Comment is free | The Guardian

“Reports of the pain and humiliation of people with disability have not been enough to get governments to act. That’s why Senator Rachel Siewert is calling for a royal commission…

“A royal commission could use its investigative powers and visit institutions, so that we as a nation can expose the level of abuse that has occurred for so long at such a large scale.We had overwhelming evidence about the extent of the violence and abuse, what was most difficult is not being able to publish each individual account in the final report. Please know that we see you, we hear you, we read every submission, and we listened to all of your evidence. We must do our best to end this shame that has caused such hurt, humiliation, and pain.



Help Us to Remember Them

If you wish to help us remember them:

Lay a white flower somewhere and remember those with people with disabilities in your communities who have died from neglect, abuse and violence at the hands of the people who were supposed to care for them. Take a photo of a white flower and post it to with #whiteflowermemorial and what town/country you’re from.

or on twitter @WhiteFlowerDay with the with #whiteflowermemorial and what town/country you’re from.